Marketing Through Signs & Billboards

Signage is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of product based marketing still around today, with signs being a necessary aspect of almost all businesses. This ties in heavily to brand awareness, and when used correctly can put any small business on the map. Signs are not only used to show customers where your business is located, but also to introduce them to the type of business you are through sign style alone.

Billboards are by far one of the most visible aspects of marketing, seen from country to country advertising anything from dentistry to beer to food to services. The reason this type of advertising is so popular is twofold; high visibility and set-and-forget. Anyone who regularly drives will tell you just how common billboards are, from city-commuter based to motorway long-transit boards.

The key to a great billboard is in its elegance, not in the fancy way but in their simplicity. To be eye catching while not distracting, informative but not boring, memorable but not clichéd. It’s no use having a billboard which is full of text because people don’t have the time or concentration to read them while driving. On the other hand, a billboard with no text may leave you wondering what the advert was for; it’s a balancing act that every company must weigh carefully.

When it comes to where your billboard should be placed, it can be difficult to consider. By the nature of boards like this, nobody will have much time to read them. They’re mostly placed by high traffic roads and motorways, where it can be dangerous to read for too long. However you can make some decisions based on your target audience; convenience and desire being the main factors in this.

A convenience board is one advertising a nearby feature, such as a huge photo of a burger for a restaurant or fast food place. This would be best placed on a high traffic commute route, such as a mainline into a city, or paths from housing to schools. If it looks good and it’s not too far out of the way, people will try the product. But this type of sign would be useless on a motorway, where the nearest outlet might be miles away in a city.

Desire boards can target a much wider audience, and these can be placed almost anywhere that people will see them. Bus routes, motorways, near schools, anywhere in which people will see them. These can be for anything from movies to holidays to store sales, and will get people thinking or talking about the product.

Many marketers take advantage of the fact that many people have young children, and place targetted billboards along school routes. Kids are great to advertise to; they can get fixated on something they want, and parents can be swayed. Even combining a billboard with a long standing offer can make a huge difference, such as ‘kids eat free’ at certain restaurants. It’s important to keep these signs and places convenient, as sometimes it’s not worth the travel.

Seasonal advertising is a great way to go when considering billboards; giving a time limited reward puts some pressure onto the situation, and exclusivity is a great motivator. Remember, keep the message simple and attractive with your billboard, and using language tools such as rhyming and alliteration can make a message stick with a person, ultimately making the advert more effective. Bobs Bargain Beer Bar sounds alot better than Roberts Value Pub.